Move - A/D

Quick Attack - E

Heavy Attack - Press and hold E

Shadow Walk - S

Ramblings from the lead dev!

The Purge is the result of our groups final 3 week sprint at Pelifarmi 2017. Our project ended up being essentially very simple hack-and-slash-kill-everyone sort of a game. 

Our team consisted of three artists and one programmer (yours truly). During the first four projects we concluded that simplistic 2D pixel was the best art style for all of us to work with. As a team consisting mostly of artist, we decided to invest in the visual side more than say, mechanics and gameplay. Now that the deadline and presentations are over with, I am officially free to work on the mechanics as much as I like, which I intend to do.

The Jeopardy Heroes!

Project management and programming: Saara Korhonen

Character artist and UI designer: Teemu Anttila

Environment artist: Heikki Kettunen

Supporting artist: Jenni Jaakkola

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